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It has been some time since Carolyn Morgan, digital consultant and strategic thinker published in PenMaen Media several evolutionary trends of newspapers and digital magazines. What is striking is that several of these trends are now the facts that distinguishes those companies and brands that have incorporated them and are leaders at a global level. Those that didn’t make the effort to adapt to these new realities are going through difficult times in financial terms due to their abandon rates.

Here is an excerpt from some of these trends that remain a pending task for some publishers

Introduction as Trailer Movie

The covers and headings must work more to induce the reader to the edition engaging the audience using familiar audio tracks like Grand Designs, videos like Metal HammerNational Geographic and Focus, or animated presentations like AlJazeera and Empire.

Free Navigation

More and more visual content allows the reader to jump directly to their favorite feature (Elle, BBC History, Focus, etc.); and within the features, readers can choose their own path to explore the content, tap on the images to read the note and explore in the order they prefer (Edge, History Revealed). The preferred design remains the “washing line” with horizontally arranged features and the readers scrolling vertically to read the entire contents.

Hidden Depth Content

Current readers, especially the youngest, value much more the feeling of power to choose between reading only the main points or an in-depth content with aspects such as these:

  • More content on a single page with the “+” sign or hyperlinks in phrases for additional information.
  • Boxes on the bottom or side of the page with related topics
  • PDF downloads such as Flight Safety Australia, with maps, charts and additional documents or statistics
  • Easily scrollable text, historical timelines continue to be preferred.

View More Than Just Images

As in advertising, in the illustrations of articles and news it is proven that video clips attract more attention from readers than photographs or other formats and is increasingly used by newspapers and magazines, taking advantage of the view to play; nevertheless, it is fundamental to always take care of the eye-catchinhg and involvement for the first seconds to increase the reading or click possibilities.

Animations are Common Nowadays

Animations are increasingly used as they are ideal for section titles or follow-up events (elections, championships, global summits, etc.). Depending on the theme, some are more formal and informative, others more casual, fun or even inspiring, but in general those that are well thought out manage to generate an iconic identification with the author, the section, the theme, etc., which contributes enormously to branding and therefore to the loyalty of its readers.

Tactile Activities

It is essential to know how to take advantage of and involve the touch screen functions both within the contentas with covers that reveal the information by deleting with your finger as Al Jazeera does, or questionnaires and interactive participations with the news as Flight Safety Australia, Focus or BBC History. Other good examples are those of National Geographic that has puzzles to assemble against the clock and Kids Discover Ecology that has letter soups, where the finger leaves a green trail like a marker.


The big deal for many companies is that they continue to seek to transfer their traditional way of seeing, thinking and acting in their business to the world of mobile; It is difficult for them to let go previous conceptions and acquire a “mobile first” thought. Other companies that are projecting a leadership have been shaken up to start the business again as “mobile native“. This is perhaps the most common paradigm we have noticed at Todo Mobile and the reason why our STRATEGY division offers not only mobile consultancy, but also workshops on best practices and industry benchmarks as well as product development, which sometimes implies that we set stages prior to the design, programming and launching of Apps or the develop multiplatform technologies. When this has been properly developed, it helps to make a better media planning & management as we have been doing with the New York Times, o the management of MMPs information in order to measure and improve the ROI.

Our mission is to drive client growth through holistic and innovative digital strategies.


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