Todo is Always Mobile

We began as Todo Mobile four years ago as a “mobile-first” solutions company. As mobile adoption increased the term “mobile-first” lost its relevance. If a brand isn’t “mobile-first” in 2019 then they are very behind. We are not so dependent on device driven advertising and more so to the abundance of screens that are “smart.” We therefore decided to drop the word mobile from our company name, hence the birth of Todo (translated in Spanish, Todo means “All”).

Attending the MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) show in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago illuminated the demand for making this modification to our brand. Many elements within the industry demonstrate that the term mobile-first is obvious. All stakeholders should have already adjusted their product offering and media strategy in this direction. That being said it is worth highlighting some of the major takeaways from the conference and sessions attended.

The Future of Performance is Programmatic

This session should have resonated the most among advertisers who have had a major catastrophe with non-transparent CPI performance advertising. It is not worth going into major detail on how ad networks or suspicious “publishers” game the system and claim credit on organic traffic, but the days of running non transparent CPI activity are coming to an end. Furthermore, the idea that any one brand can completely rely on Facebook and Google for all their advertising is not only short sighted but susceptible to falling into a false hypothesis that these platforms are adequate for all spend. Why are advertisers willing to pay more on these platforms when they could access the same audience through other channels. Programmatic is going to outperform CPI advertising in the long run because of the ability to test different strategies that can yield innate findings that work in applying improvements on planning. Rather than throwing the plate of spaghetti at the wall and hoping for the best, it is understandable that up-front investment on a CPM basis can be daunting, but over time it will kill CPI along with the headaches.

Creative is Paramount for Success

Refreshing quality creative is the main differentiator in advertising. When there is a disconnect between a media team and a creative team, yield on spend cannot be fully maximized. Once teams are fully committed to distribution through the proper channels, it’s ultimately the power of the creative that will determine whether a campaign exceeds its forecast. When performance and branding metrics meet, a strong creative and the call to action will not only increase retention but general awareness simultaneously. It is surprising that many top brands have not been able to implement an ongoing and consistent refresh so that frequency capping becomes secondary to over-saturating the market with the same old banner ads, which can ultimately devalue the equity of a brand. The true value for our clients lies in our ability to be meticulous on winning the war before it is fought – words taken from Sun Tzu’s the Art of War. We can focus on CTR’s and CPM’s all day, but if a creative is inadequate, then the data doesn’t reflect much. How well a message is received and recalled is a far more valuable indicator of success. Todo’s mission is to drive client growth through holistic and innovative strategies

I think we can all agree that being “mobile-first” isn’t enough anymore in a world that is #AlwaysMobile. I look forward to being able to connect with many old friends and contacts moving forward as it had been a while since attending a marquee show in the States. Todo has offices in North America with a growing team that is committed to making our clients success the forefront.

Our mission is to drive client growth through holistic and innovative digital strategies.


Mexico City

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