The Power of In-App Video

Video has evolved exponentially more in the last 5 years than in the last previous 30 since it was introduced into mainstream consumer life. Video advertising on mobile is more effective than traditional methods of advertising when one compares rates at which brand recall and intent to purchase prominently outperform other more traditional methods of advertising. 

When one thinks of mobile they think of smartphones, apps and the web. The importance of brand safety is paramount within the mammoth world that mobile has evolved into. A significant percentage of marketers have at some time or another faced brand safety concerns. An study conducted by one of Todo Mobile’s media partners showed that a vast portion of users said that they discovered the most offensive video content to be present on social media and specifically Facebook. The emergence of fake news and user generated content has become more and more of a brand safety concern that predominantly affects the overall perception of the digital environment, placing it in a negative light. This is not to say that social media is an important part of the marketing mix of any particular brand. It is just paramount that undesirable content is identified in a proactive manner not only from a macro standpoint but on a publisher by publisher basis. 

At Todo Mobile we place large emphasis on  employing media strategies that focus on premium inventory within the in app economy. As audience segmentation becomes increasingly an important element in briefs, it is important to place emphasis on creating white lists of publishers in order to ensure that contextually relevant ads are placed in as native of a setting as possible. Furthermore, the ability to publish hybrid campaigns that combine elements of branding and performance can essentially generate the best bang for your buck when these binary objectives are equally present. 

Our mission is to drive client growth through holistic and innovative digital strategies.


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