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Growth Marketing Success

Growth marketing entails a lot of work. The ecosystem continues to be fragmented and this can muddy the waters for budget allocations. Your ideal marketing stack is very much ROI driven, but contains many variables.

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What is Premium These Days?

Differentiating publishers or networks for that matter can be a tricky game. In the app game it’s based on algorithms and in the stores, it might be based on rankings…

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Todo is Always Mobile

We began as Todo Mobile four years ago as a “mobile-first” solutions company. As mobile adoption increased the term “mobile-first” lost its relevance. If a brand isn’t “mobile-first” in 2019 then they are very behind.

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Using Playable Ad Units to Drive Engagement

Using Playable Ads to Drive Engagement The future of mobile advertising is not banner acquisition advertising.  So we are on the same page for the rest of this post let’s quickly define exactly what we are talking about: By “banner acquisition advertising” I am referring to the use of mobile banners to acquire new customers for the first time. These

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Launching Your App The Right Way

We have a lot of advertisers come to us and ask “we’ve just created a new mobile app for our brand, how should we launch?” In other words, how do you effectively allocate advertising dollars to rapidly increase our user base and see a positive ROI?

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