Proximity Marketing Using Bluetooth Beacons: Casino Edition

Why Use Beacons?

Beacon technology can result in higher click-through, quicker conversion, more sales and greater loyalty because consumers prefer receiving personalized, context-aware branded content through their mobile phones. You can even offer a custom-made app to feature a wide range of location specific mixed media and content.

Magnifying the On-Site Casino Experience

When a player loads your app on his/her way to the casino, it immediately identifies the casino he/she is en route and starts populating information specific to the one they are heading.

Once near the entrance, display a barcode/qr-code with the daily promo, or welcoming coins to redeem, directing him/her to the relevant playing area via indoor map. Highlight the most popular casino games.

When a player arrives, send a notification on the benefits of signing up to the “Trop Advantage Program”, along with instruction on how to sign up for it.

Use beacons to read the player’s information such as his/her name, photo, profile information, personal preferences like favorite game, drink, even their lucky practices like favorite color, animal, number, etc to help casino operators greet customers by name and provide them with better idea of how to make them comfortable and happy.

Inform customers about how busy the casino es at the time, filter by age, game or table. Notify when a spot is available at a table for a new game.

Use bluetooth beacons to guide visitors through the casino and explain each game by means of both description or welcoming videos.

Incite Your Customers to Spend More Time at the Casino

Monitor time spent by guests at the casino and send them an offer to extend their stay. Learn the time the customer usually leaves to trigger the notification.

Allow users track their visits thus reward them with special coupons and discounts for their frequent visits.

Loyalty program. Reward customers for spending time in the casino. Beacons can precisely locate customers using bluetooth signal fro their mobile phones and this keep track of the amount of time they generally spend at the casino. An app can use this information to assign player scores such as “Addicted Player” and “Newbie Player” based on time spent at the casino. Customers with higher ratings are rewarded with offers such as a free drink.

Offering Meaningful Additional Services and Sharing

Once out the casino, offer uber service or any other cab service for the customer to use.

Free Wi-Fi network: use beacons to announce the free wi-fi at the casino and get the customer’s contact information during the sign up process.

Invite the customer to share their experience to social media by asking them to share a photo or a rating at TripAdvisor in exchange of a discount as soon as they approach a certain area.

Promos and Coupons Using Beacons

Deliver markdown cards with attractive promos, necessary informations or call to actions. Give the option to “Save to Apple Wallet” to ensure the offer stay with them if they are away from the casino to use next time, even share that pass to friends. If the customer enters the proximity of the beacon again, apple wallet can send a notification reminding the customer of the offer they were interested in. For Android users the markdown will have the “Save on your device” option. A screenshot of the same will automatically save onto the smartphone photo gallery.

The casino can use beacons to send out coupons and promotions for nearby vendors or indoor restaurants or bars.Free Wi-Fi network: use beacons to announce the free wi-fi at the casino and get the customer’s contact information during the sign up process.

Invite the customer to share their experience to social media by asking them to share a photo or a rating at TripAdvisor in exchange of a discount as soon as they approach a certain area.

Gamify the Casino Experience

Reward the customers for performing certain actions. Install beacons in supporting venues around the casino or at certain “hotspots” to detect crawling letting them answer challenges and gain rewards such as virtual coins for the app, special drinks at the casino, perks, etc along the way. We can design something to reward crawlers for social sharing (sharing the app to download maybe, or the casino itself). In the end, the crawler with the highest number of points wins prizes from sponsors like Uber to use after their casino experience.

Install beacons in “sponsor” venues, or nearby venues to guide customers to secret locations where they are greeted with welcome notifications and clues to unlock special drinks and offers. Award customers for completing tasks such as sharing content via social media, meeting other customers, ordering food and drinks, etc.

Taking Your Game Home

Once out the casino, the beacon will detect the customer is about to leave, enable a notification to “Continue playing by downloading a gaming app”

Nearby Places Lead Generation

Eat now, play later! Let customers at nearby venues or at indoor restaurants to book a spot at any game table at the casino. Vice-versa… Play now, eat later! Make a reservation at any nearby restaurant while playing, set reminders so the customers doesn’t forget about lunch.

Deploy beacons on buses running in city, push notifications about buses going in the casino’s direction. Push notifications to people on a specific bus that goes in the casino’s direction, notify them about the stop where they need to go down to walk to the casino, also notify about the game apps o they can practice and play along the way.

Mount beacons in airports, bus stands, etc to announce casino offers. Send tourists in public places last minute casino offers. Promote daily offers to customers in vicinity hotels. Promote referral program to customers to expand leads by word of mouth.

Run radius target campaign at certain venues using beacons for the availability of game tables, casino promos, app download, etc. For example, at nearby places where customers at stucked in waiting lines, staying at nearby hotels, or at the airport when a flight arrives might find this useful.

Use beacon analytics in the casino to analyze metrics, most visited and least visited game zones, traffic at certain restaurants, bars, cash-out counters. Get insights of the difference between how many people visited the casino.

Geo-fence around competitor casinos and see how much time your players are gambling, but not in your property.

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